Posted by: Kris Lindsey | March 27, 2014

Letting Go of What’s Gone

One episode of the TV show “House” features a grumpy old WWII veteran who lost his hand and forearm in the war. He yells at people, slams his front door in their face, and turns away all who try being nice to him. As the show goes on, we find out he is grumpy because his missing arm is still in pain. Our irritation at his rudeness melts when we hear he lost his arm while attempting to pull a little boy to safety.

To cure the veteran’s pain, the ingenious Dr. House positions the man’s arms in a box with a mirror down the middle. From his vantage point, the man sees his intact arm and its reflection, giving the illusion that he has two whole arms again. Next, Dr. House instructs the man to clench both fists, and then relax them and let go.

His pain disappears.

All those years, this man’s missing arm ached because he couldn’t let go of a boy that was gone. How sad.

hand grabbing arm


But thank goodness Dr. House could solve the mystery and free him from his agony.

This is how I felt a couple weeks ago when I wrote my last blog post. I had suffered from anxiety for years, not knowing why. In frustration, I cried out to the Great Physician for an answer, and he surprised me by suggesting I let go of my past.

It was then that I realized I too was still holding onto irresolvable issues and relationships that were long done and gone. When I followed God’s direction and let go of my past—trusting God to work out all the details of things out of my control—a large layer of anxiety, and the inner ache that went with it, lifted and I have felt much better since.

I literally feel like a heavy backpack has been removed from my shoulders—the space behind me seems vacant and bright (I know this sound weird, but it’s true).

Grunge abstract summer background


I feel lighter and freer. It’s easier for me to relax, and if you read my posts a year ago you know this is huge. I also have more energy to focus on the present now that nothing is pulling me back from behind. I think my demeanor is becoming more pleasant, too.

I thank God that He knows me better than I know myself, and is able to provide instruction that helps me heal—in this case as most, to save me from myself. Who else could do that? Praise God!

Do you feel like your past is still weighing you down? How has God answered your cry or given you insight on a problem you couldn’t solve?


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  1. I’m glad your outlook is transformed. Only He can do it. I’m glad God wants to take those old burdens away.

    • Thanks, Suzanne. God is so good!

  2. I remember a time in my life when I felt total failure. I cried out to God, “I don’t want to go on anymore.” It was as if He wrapped His arms around me and said, “Could you make it today if I stay with you?” His love overwhelmed me and I never wanted to be without it. I began reading the Bible and it seemed every word spoke to my heart. I gathered up enough courage to go back to church but everyone looked perfect. I told the pastor I didn’t feel worthy to be there.

    “No one is worthy,” he said.

    “You don’t understand. I’ve been divorced and had to start over again too many times. I’m such a failure.

    What the pastor said next changed my life. “Christ died for sin. There is no way we can live here and not have it touch us one way or another. You can accept what He did on the cross for you or keep beating up on yourself.”

    I left the church a new woman and haven’t looked back. I have to tell others that God loves them more than they can imagine. Failure doesn’t have to be the end. God is in the habit of picking up losers like me and giving our lives purpose. Praise Him for His wonderful works.

    • Wow Sue, I love your word from God “Could you make it today if I stay with you?” I’m going to remember that. Reminds me of how I’ve been getting comfort and strength by remembering to connect with Jesus, but the wording in your statement sounds more cozy. I can relate to reading the Bible and having it speak to my heart, too. I also love the statement from your pastor that there is no way we can live here and not have sin touch us in one way or another, but Christ died to cover it. So true, but I have never heard it put exactly like that. Sin touches us all. We can either choose to accept Christ’s payment or keep paying ourselves. So good! None of us are losers–just imperfect human beings–but when we receive Christ into our lives we become God’s beloved children–deeply LOVED, completely FORGIVEN, fully PLEASING, totally ACCEPTED, and COMPLETE in CHRIST (The Search for Significance by Robert McGee). Praise God indeed!

    • Thank you for sharing, Sue. I miss seeing you!! You have always been a great encourager.

  3. WOW, our two blogs are on similar topics! I really love it when God does that. I’m so glad you’ve found a serenity and lightness after letting go. Thanks for sharing, Kris!

  4. Great message Kris. I’m happy for you and the journey you’ve been on. Trusting God for our past is huge. We praise him for what he has done and continues to do in our lives. He knows the details, and works them out for our good. I appreciate you!

    • Thanks again, Wendy, for your continual encouragement. God has brought us a long way. I appreciate you so much, too.

  5. Next time I’m clinging to the past, I’m going to clench my fists and let go. Thank you for the visual. And sharing your heart with others so we’re on the road to healing.

    • Thank You, Karen, for taking the time to encourage me again with your feedback. So glad God brought us together to share this journey with Him.

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