God showers us daily with gifts. He sends rays of sunshine to warm our backs and light our way, and cool rain to refresh us and grow food and flowers. To those who believe and receive Jesus, God bestows additional gifts. Some gifts—like forgiveness and eternal life—appear like flowers delivered on our doorstep. Others—like peace, purpose, and joy—come through a deepening relationship with Jesus. To help us develop this relationship, God gave us three more gifts: The Bible, church, and prayer.

As I discipled new Christians over the last twenty-five years, I noticed that those with little church background found these last three gifts rather daunting. Many were surprised to learn the Bible has an Old and New Testament, and many asked basic questions like, “How do you pray?” I wrote The Never Ending Gifts, A Starter Kit for New Christians to give new believers the basic Bible facts and tools they need to begin their faith journey and feel comfortable at church, where their faith can grow.

I also included the best information I’d discovered to help me interact with God. People who aren’t new to the faith tell me this book helped them connect the dots, gave them new insight, or reminded them of the basics.

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