Posted by: Kris Lindsey | April 24, 2014

Music–an Easy Decision

I closed my computer lid with a snap. Done. I’d spent hours the night before pouring over possible hotel choices but couldn’t make a decision. So I prayed and slept on it, and this morning my choice seemed clear.

Bob and I had been thinking about going on our first ever missions trip. It promised to be an amazing experience, but I’d been agonizing over all the decisions to be made first. Should we go at all? Is the timing right with the other things going on in our lives? Should we stay longer and site-see since we’re already there?

Well, after months of weighing the pros and cons, today we made our final decision. We confirmed our airline reservations, and I booked a hotel to stay at on the way. But once the reservation was made, I found myself sitting there feeling agitated.

My compulsion to explore every possible option before making a choice had gotten me all worked up. Praying and asking God to help me decide on a hotel did make it easier to push the “reserve now” button. But I still felt jittery. What could I do to calm myself down?

Music. I’ve noticed it’s hard to stay in a bad mood when listening to my Newsboys “Shine—the Hits” CD. So I turned on the stereo and sure enough, in a few minutes I was prancing around doing the John Travolta finger-pointing move.


These clever lyrics make me chuckle and inspire me to let God’s light shine in me. This goes to show that God can use even “disco” for his glory.

What song cheers and encourages you?



  1. Thanks Kris, music always cheers me as well. For me it’s Laura Story’s album that cheers me and sets my mind on the right path.

  2. Music–so soothing for the soul. I use it more to soothe than to cheer, though a rousing CD DOES get me crackin’ when I need to clean the house . . . 🙂

  3. Love the Christian group Casting Crowns

    • I love Casting Crowns, too. Their songs are inspiring, as are their stories in concert.

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