Posted by: Kris Lindsey | February 26, 2014

An Unlikely Time to Thank God

“Honey, I don’t think I’m going to be making dinner tonight. I don’t feel very well.” I searched Bob’s eyes for his reaction to me shirking my meal-making responsibility, but all I saw there was a knowing sympathy. Bob had the flu a few days before.

“I’m such a hypochondriac. Maybe it’s just my imagination.” As I got up from the sofa, a wave of nausea welled up. “But my imagination is not this good…”

I hot-stepped-it toward the bathroom.

After my foot landed on the linoleum floor and I knew I’d made it, my first thought was thank you, Lord, that I’m so fearfully and wonderfully made to automatically expel foreign invaders from my body.

What? Did I really think that? Normally my reaction would be oh no, I hate this. For me to thank God at an unlikely time like this must mean my 21 Day Connection Resolution was still working.

Then my attention diverted back to the process at hand.

Close-up mid section of a casual woman with stomach pain over white background

Jesus, please protect me if this is that terrible flu that’s going around. Whatever happens, watch over me and keep me in your hands.

Since my 21 Day Connection Resolution ended last month, I’ve kept up on the daily exercises. Each morning when I wake up, I remember what day of the week it is and take note of the Aid for that day:

Monday: Give Thanks to God

Tuesday: Praise God

Wednesday: Meditate on a Bible Verse

Thursday: Pray

Friday: Listen to Christian Music

Saturday: Picture Jesus with me

Sunday: Worship God at Church

Throughout the day, I still try to remember to connect to Jesus with these simple Aids. Although I’m not as focused and consistent as I was in January, I’m sticking with it.

In the past, I’ve had the hardest time connecting with God when I’m sick. When the pain hits, my focus naturally turns inward. All I want is whatever will ease the discomfort or distract me from it, and I did plenty of that the last few days with this flu. But this time I did remember to turn to God between naps and TV shows, and it did make a difference.

cold & flu

Each time I connected with Jesus, I felt my body relax and strengthen a little. My attitude was better, and for the first time, I felt the peace of God’s presence even while I was sick.


Photos courtesy of Crestock


  1. Awesome! Love it.

    • Thanks for the encouragement and thumbs up 🙂

  2. God shows up in some unlikely places, doesn’t He? I love that you were so filled with Him that your first response was to think of Him. A sign of true Spirit saturation! 🙂

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. And very glad the 21 day connection has kept you connected to the Great Physician.

    • I am better now. Love your observation about God being the Great Physician. My flu symptoms ended up being more mild than some. Thanks for the good wishes.

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