Posted by: Kris Lindsey | January 19, 2014

Day 13 – Jesus In The Room

Such a beautiful day, I think I’ll go for a walk. I fumbled with the clunky ring that was irritating my finger—my Connection Challenge reminder that Jesus was with me. Oh yeah, Jesus, do you want to come along? I opened the front door and stepped into the bright sunlight.

We walked past houses in the neighborhood. I thanked Jesus for being with me in this Challenge project. I asked him for rain—if that was his will—and also to be with my friend who just had surgery. I prayed for other friends and family too, then for me.

Lord, I wish I could be more fully aware that you are really with me.

That got me thinking. What if the real live flesh and blood Jesus stood here with me? And what would happen if I walked into a crowded room with him—white robe, long hair, beard, and all? What would people think? What would they say?

Stunned Shocked Surprised Woman

I imagined they would be shocked at first, then curious. A few brave souls would come over to meet him and ask him questions. Others would step toward us to hear what Jesus had to say. Soon everyone in the room would be gathered around us.

And how would I feel? Very proud. “He’s my friend.” And also very excited that the people were finally coming to Jesus.

But Jesus is with me whenever I step into a crowded room—or any room. I wish I could get a better handle on that reality, and feel that same sense of pride and confidence. If I really believed and lived this, maybe others might more easily see Jesus too when I walk into a room.

Below is tomorrow’s “Connection Challenge” exercise:

Premise: To receive God’s power and peace in my life, I need to be connected to Jesus (John 15:4-5).

Guidelines: For 21 days, my only goal will be to connect with Jesus throughout each day. I can also do any other activity if I can do it with Jesus.

Connection Aid: Day 14, Sunday January 19: Worship Jesus Together at Church

1 Corinthians 12:12-27 says that we Christians are all part of one body—the body of Christ. I will go to church and worship Jesus together as part of the body of Christ, thanking and singing praise to God, reading and listening to the Bible teaching, praying, and enjoying Jesus there with us.

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