Posted by: Kris Lindsey | January 13, 2014

Day 8 – Thank God for People

I love flowers, so a few years ago, I made the trek to Butchart Gardens in Canada. For hours, I meandered down well groomed paths through the colorful terrain.

“Oh, look at that flower. What a beautiful shade of blue. And those snapdragons look so healthy. Look at all the varieties of roses. Hey, do you know what those flowers over there are called?”

Each blossom was a delicate work of art, and they all delighted my soul.

Today also felt like a walk in a beautiful garden as I thanked God for the people in my life—my Connection Challenge exercise.

pink irisI started my morning thanking Jesus for my family and friends. I appreciate them so much. Their love and support inspires me, and like beautiful flowers, they add color to my days.

Then I started thinking about other friends I’ve had over the years. One by one, they popped up in my mind like daffodils in the spring. Childhood friends, neighbors, teachers—they all shaped and influenced who I am.

photo (9)

As I thought back on some of the people I’ve known, I realized I have lived in at least eight different communities. I moved a lot. That’s eight sets of neighbors, friends, churches, and groups I belonged to. They came to mind in groups, like bouquets set about the room.

Iris Kitchen 2

Here and there, memories of those who did me wrong surfaced, like drab leaves among the stems. I’ve forgiven, and am grateful for lessons learned from them, too.

Today was my grocery shopping day. On my way there, as I drove by some road construction, a flagman waved me on and I thought, he’s a person in my life, too. He’s working to make improvements to my community and keep me safe.

Then I looked up at the power lines and thought about all the people at the power plant helping to make the electricity for my house. Are they people in my life? And what about the farmers who grew the food I’m about to buy, and the night crew who stocked the store shelves?

I stepped back in my mind and surveyed the vast garden of people God had planted in my life.

And what about the Gardener?

Jesus, I’m so grateful for every person you placed in my life to love, nurture, friend, teach, and provide for me. You truly are the greatest person in my life. Thank you.

Below is tomorrow’s “Connection Challenge” exercise:

Premise: To receive God’s power and peace in my life, I need to be connected to Jesus (John 15:4-5).

Guidelines: For 21 days, my only goal will be to connect with Jesus throughout each day. I can also do any other activity if I can do it with Jesus.

Connection Aid: Day 9, Tuesday January 14: Praise God

Psalm 145:8 and Ephesians 2:8-9 tell of God’s grace and compassion toward us. Throughout this day, I will connect with Jesus by praising my God of Grace, Wisdom, and Mercy.


  1. Thank you. Loved the connection between the different communities and the bouquets of flowers…

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