Posted by: Kris Lindsey | January 12, 2014

Day 7 – Worship Together

I want to see Jesus…” As I sang the words of this old, familiar chorus, I smiled. Why, I had seen Jesus yesterday more clearly than I ever had.

The young man in front of me moved back and forth to the music. The song leader practically burst with zeal. Yes, Jesus was definitely here, too.

Thanks, Lord, for opening my eyes to your presence today, and over the past week.

I had a great time at church today praising, praying, and hearing some great insight on the book of John. Whenever I heard the words thank you or praise you, I thought yes, I do.


After the service, I enjoyed visiting and was encouraged by several people who had read my blog. I got caught up on their week, and think I encouraged them, too.

I feel like I’m just getting the hang of this Challenge. Now I’m ready for another week of connecting with Jesus.

Tomorrow’s “Connection Challenge” exercise is similar to the one on Monday of last week, but with a different emphasis:

Premise: To receive God’s power and peace in my life, I need to be connected to Jesus (John 15:4-5).

Guidelines: For 21 days, my only goal will be to connect with Jesus throughout each day. I can also do any other activity if I can do it with Jesus.

Connection Aid: Day 8, Monday January 13: Give Thanks for people

The apostle Paul thanked God for the people who helped him in his ministry (Philipp. 1:3). Throughout this day, I will connect with Jesus by thanking him for the people in my life, and for everything else he’s given me as well.

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