Posted by: Kris Lindsey | September 12, 2018

What people are saying about

              The Never Ending Gifts, A Starter Kit for New Christians:

“Such an incredible book that is easy to read. I currently give it to all new believers and those being baptized. I’ve found it’s an amazing refresher course for those who may have started to plateau in their faith as well. I highly recommend this book and give it out monthly to congregants to help them grow in their walk!”

Pastor Johnny Burke, New Beginnings Church, Marysville CA

Click on the video below to hear what Pastor Bill Wickham is saying:

PBill photo

Pastor Bill Wickham, Spring Valley Church, Rocklin CA

“We give these out to new believers and seekers as the first step on their spiritual journey.  This has been an incredibly valuable tool for our discipleship pathway and those who are new to the walk with Jesus.”

Pastor Michael Higley, River’s Edge Church, Sacramento CA

“Great resource for brand new believers! It addresses all the important topics that people new to Christianity are afraid to ask so not to appear ignorant or become embarrassed. Well done Kris Lindsey!”

Pastor Rick Hallam, Grace Church, Reno Nevada

“I just gave one of your books to a friend of mine here. She read it right away and said it was life changing!  She would like to get four more copies. I would like two more.”

Kathy Jewell, New Castle Indiana

“I enjoyed this book. It was very helpful to me in providing some spiritual guidance in my relationship with God. It was easy reading and not preachy or overwhelming with biblical references. I expect to read this book over and over, and at least once, fill out my testimony worksheet. My congrats to the author for a helpful and useful book.”

Tom Planesi, Rocklin CA

3 Barriers New Christians Face

While discipling new Christians over the last 25 years, I saw three main barriers that keep new Christians from going to church, where their faith can grow.

Barrier #1

One morning, after everyone else had left my discipleship class, a beautiful lady approached me with desperation in her eyes. “You don’t understand. I’m not good like all of you. I cuss.”

The “Christians are perfect” myth often keeps new Christians from joining in at church. They tell me things like, “I’ll go to church—after I get some things cleaned up in my life.”

New Christians need to know right away that they don’t need to be perfect to go to church. We’re all saved by grace based on what Jesus did, not on our own merit. Every Christian is in the process of becoming more like Jesus, with God’s help. Church is a place to grow together.

Barrier #2

I did a double-take when a second new Christian asked me, “What’s everyone doing, flipping their Bibles back and forth in church?”

I said, “They’re looking up a verse.”

She said, “What’s a verse?”

I thought, what’s a verse? What else could it be? Oh yeah, everywhere else, a verse is part of a song.

Then she said, “And where are all the other books the pastor talked about?”

“You mean, the books of the Bible?”

“No. The other books. You know…like Mathew.”

When I told a friend this story, she said her church had a class for new Christians, but right away everyone dropped out, and only one person said why. That person said she was too embarrassed to ask questions everyone else seemed to know.

Many new Christians need basic Bible information right away. If church is too hard or uncomfortable, they just smile and slip out the door.

Barrier #3

My heart fell as I heard these words from another new Christian. “I don’t think God is real after all. I prayed that prayer, and nothing happened.”

Many new Christians need hands-on tools to help them interact with God so they can know for themselves that God is real. With a little help and guidance, I’ve seen new Christian’s eyes light up with wonder the first time God answers their prayers or they sense God saying things to them as they read their Bible, like “Don’t be so judgmental” or “Believe”.

The Never Ending Gifts, A Starter Kit for New Christians helps new Christians feel comfortable at church, where their faith can grow, by:

  • Removing over 10 barriers that can hold them back
  • Bringing them up to speed on Bible basics
  • Equipping them with hands-on tools to help them interact with God, such as a prayer journal to record God’s answers, and instructions on underlining and listening to God in their Bible

It is a bridge to move new Christians from Decision to Discipleship.

This Starter Kit for New Christians can be used:

  • As an easy-to-read book to give to people when they receive Christ, are baptized, or to help any new Christian
  • With a one-on-one mentor (request a Mentor Q&A Sheet)
  • As a supplement to a New Believers class
  • To help Christians who seem “stuck” to jump-start their faith journey.


To read selections from The Never Ending Gifts, A Starter Kit for New Christians, click on the “Look inside” feature on Amazon.

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  1. The book is wrong. All wrong. There is no separate deity. Stop tithing.

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