Posted by: Kris Lindsey | December 1, 2014

HOPE – An Advent Christmas Card

Candle Christmas

On the first week of Advent, we light a candle symbolizing hope.

We all need hope, but what kinds of things do people hope for?

Present Christmas

A young boy sits under twinkling lights and snuggles into his blanket as he eyes a certain brightly wrapped box. It’s the right size and shape. I sure hope it’s the WowWee MiP robot with the hand motion controls. If I had that, I’d never need another toy again. It does everything.


Outside her window, almond blossoms dance in the breeze as she twirls in her new gown and listens for a knock at the door. Wow, a whole evening with Rob. He’s so dreamy. In the candlelight, and with the music playing, maybe we’ll fall in love.

Judge wooden gavel isolated

A drop of sweat trickles down the boy’s face as he tugs at his collar, attempting to loosen the tie his mom made him wear. He studies the traffic judge’s face, bracing himself for judgment. Yes, I know I did it, but maybe, just maybe, he’ll have mercy on me.

Show me the world

The leaves above the bench where she sits glow orange, yellow, and red in the crisp afternoon air. She lays her hand on her ever-growing tummy, wondering at the movement of new life inside. I hope I can be the kind of mother he needs. And I hope he’s healthy and strong. Just 25 more days ‘til I can hold him in my arms, look into his eyes, and finally see his face.


2000 years ago, a young woman named Mary laid her hand on her ever-growing tummy and wondered who the special person inside her would be. All of Israel was expectantly waiting for God to send the promised Messiah king who would save them from the Romans. But God knew the deeper needs of their hearts, and ours:

  • to fill that empty space inside
  • for unconditional love
  • for mercy and forgiveness
  • and for God’s guidance and abundant new life.

In just 25 more days, God would send his Son to us, and the world would finally be able to see their Savior’s face.

The Bible says to set our hope on the grace that will be brought to us when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. (1 Peter 1:13)

Christmas Lamp

The candle of Hope reminds us to put our hope in the One who dispels the darkness and warms our hearts as he fulfills our greatest needs—Jesus Christ.



  1. I don’t think we realize how great a role that HOPE plays in our lives. There is nothing more sorrowful than a hopeless person. And you’re right, God knew the deeper needs of our hearts. Blessings on your advent season

    • Yes, you’re right. We usually don’t think about how great a role hope plays in our lives. When we face problems without hope, we give up and sink into despair. But hope encourages us to press forward, and Jesus is the ultimate hope giver. Blessings on your Christmas season, too!

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