Posted by: Kris Lindsey | June 8, 2014

Thoughtful Gifts

My husband, Bob, is such a thoughtful guy. He brings me flowers on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, my birthday, and “just because” day. When I see the cheery bouquet, and the shy smile on Bob’s face, I feel loved and appreciated.

My Heavenly Father also knows how to give good gifts. The great horned owls that made their home in plain sight of my window were a gift that delighted my heart. What a rare treat to see these majestic birds raise their owlet chick. Then, after the hawks knocked little Ollie the owlet from the nest, God answered my prayers and revived him in another tree.

Ollie fuzzy

For a few days, I got an even clearer view of Ollie, since his new tree was closer and has no leaves (it’s dead). I saw his mama feed him, and was able to take some photos to remember him by.



Then one morning I looked out and saw Ollie practicing to fly. Instead of walking along the branch, he took a hop and flapped his wings, landing four feet down the limb. He did it again, and then turned around and practiced in the other direction.

When Ollie reached the end of the branch, he eyed a smaller limb three feet away. He leaned out over the edge like a child preparing to take his first jump off a diving board, then righted himself, turned, and walked away. After a few seconds, he turned around, strode toward the edge again, and leaned out over empty space. Then he jump-flew and landed grasping the smaller limb.

I grabbed my phone-camera, ready to catch whatever Ollie would do next.


He flew!

Wow. I not only saw Ollie’s first flight, I got it on film.

The new tree Ollie flew to is still in view of my window, so I’ve been able to see his fluffy head transform into a pattern that looks more like feathers. I know he will fly away soon, but I’m so grateful to have seen so much of his life.

Ollie June 7


I struggle with anxiety and mood swings, and God helps me in various ways that I document on this blog. But sometimes God sends me little gifts to brighten my day, like a phone call from a friend, or a bird-sighting in my yard. These little things cheer me up and remind me how much I’m loved. God is thoughtful like that.

What things has God done to brighten your day?

All photos in this post are actual photos of Ollie and his mama.


  1. I’ve enjoyed the tale of Ollie and his ups and downs. There are so many lessons in how he is and the things God has reminded me of through the sharing you’ve done of Ollie’s life. Thanks…

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Ollie did fly away yesterday, as I was hoping he would to get some shade in this heat, since the tree he was on had no leaves. But I’m a little sad today. I miss seeing him, and your words are another thoughtful gift from God to brighten my day!

  2. Your photos and video is so awesome. I hear owls in my yard, but never see them. Then again, I’d say you have eyes to see these marvels. Some of us just get too busy to look.

    • It WAS so rare to have owls nest in plain sight, then move to a bare tree that was also in plain sight–a true gift from God. I had never seen an owl before this either. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

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