Posted by: Kris Lindsey | January 25, 2014

Day 20 – Table for Two?

I looked over and sighed when I saw my coat and purse occupying the passenger seat. Again. Would I ever remember to leave room for Jesus to sit? Oh well, I guess he’s used to sitting on a lumpy seat by now.

The clunky ring on my right hand rubbed against my finger as I gripped the steering wheel. Hopefully it would do its job of reminding me Jesus was with me—my Connection exercise for today.

I arrived at the restaurant before my friend did and the host led me to our table—a small table for two. Since the place was likely to fill up for Saturday lunch, I didn’t feel right asking for a bigger table. Jesus, could you pull up an imaginary chair and sit in the aisle?

My friend arrived and I got caught up listening to her latest news—all good. About a half hour later I noticed my thumb fumbling with my ring and remembered Jesus sitting there.

It’s funny how you become more aware of what you’re saying when certain people are in the room.

Apprehensive woman

I made a mental check of my conversation with my friend and decided it was “J” rated—Jesus would feel comfortable listening and joining in.

Throughout our delightful lunch I only remembered Jesus was there once or twice. But that was once or twice more than I usually do—progress is good.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is the last day of my 21 Day Connection Challenge.

Below is tomorrow’s “Connection Challenge” exercise:

Premise: To receive God’s power and peace in my life, I need to be connected to Jesus (John 15:4-5).

Guidelines: For 21 days, my only goal will be to connect with Jesus throughout each day. I can also do any other activity if I can do it with Jesus.

Connection Aid: Day 21, Sunday January 26: Worship Jesus Together at Church

Psalm 100:2 says to worship the Lord with joyful songs.

I will worship the Lord at church with songs of thanksgiving and praise, reading and listening to the Bible teaching, praying, and enjoying Jesus there in our midst.

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