Posted by: Kris Lindsey | July 5, 2012

Small Stuff

Today was just an ordinary day—nothing big on the schedule, no new trouble brewing, just the usual chores. I started the morning with my phrase for the summer, “God is doing good things today,” but then thought is he, really–on this boring day? Doesn’t God just do big things? Or does he actually oversee all the seemingly insignificant things, too?

My mind drifted to my summer verse, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him” (Romans 8:28, emphasis added). Sure enough, “all things” included even my tedious, everyday tasks. God must have time and energy for even the little things because, well, he’s God.

Curious, I searched to find where in my day God was working for good. When I took my morning shower, hot steamy water soothed and energized me at the turn of a handle. At breakfast, yogurt and fresh blueberries awaited me inside the refrigerator. As my blow-dryer roared, God not only counted the hairs on my head, he blessed me with a good hair day—yea!

As I thought of all the details that came together in the course of a typical day, the magnitude of God’s goodness overwhelmed me. But at the same time, regret welled up for all the things I’d taken for granted. Here God was, showering me daily with every good gift I needed, while I just plowed on oblivious to the Giver.

For the rest of the day I made a point to be aware of God’s presence in every little thing I did.

When doing mindless chores like making the bed, God was there to direct my wandering thoughts and answer life’s questions. During a quiet moment while getting dressed, he reminded me to call a friend about a question I had, and then later guided my words to encourage her in the process.

In reality, I realized my life consists mostly of small acts and decisions that both direct my path and form who I am. If I look at it this way, it makes sense that God would work in my small, incremental steps as well as my giant leaps.

From now on I’m drinking the whole glass of God’s loving provision by recognizing God’s good work in all the big and small things each day. Knowing God saturates every moment of my life with goodness fills me with awe and cheers my heart.


  1. I love your focus on God’s goodness in the ordinary things of life. I share your perspective and was refreshed anew as I read this. Thanks for an encouraging post. 🙂

    • Acknowledging the good things God does daily is making a big difference in my life. I’m glad this post encouraged you, too.

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