Posted by: Kris Lindsey | November 8, 2011

My Vacation Break

Bob and I just got back from our seventeen day, seven state vacation. In Dallas we enjoyed visiting long time friends Patty and Derek Jenkins, and George Covarelli. While touring Cowboy Stadium, the huge video screen above the field impressed me so much it made even me want to go watch a football game there. The Kennedy/Book Depository museum in Dallas brought back many memories of the sixties and gave new perspective on that infamous assassination.

At the Vicksberg, Mississippi Civil War site we were amazed to see one of the first armored battleships. It looked like a huge turtle. The solid steel shields were two inches thick on this huge paddleboat.

In Kentucky we had a great time visiting Bob’s Cousin Harold and family, and attending their daughter’s wedding.

We also toured the spectacular Mammoth and Diamond Caves.


Tennessee ended up being our favorite state. In Memphis, we grooved to a band playing music from BB King to Elvis and Johnny Cash to Otis Redding while eating ribs, hush puppies and fried catfish. In Nashville I felt transported to Hawaii while meandering through the greenhouse gardens of the Grand Ole Opry Hotel.

We hit the fall leaves just right in eastern Tennessee. The hills were as spectacular as the ones we saw in New England. Chattanooga boasts a world class aquarium, 100 foot Ruby Falls inside a cave, and an enchanting Rock City garden atop Lookout Mountain. They all exceeded our expectations, but we liked Rock City the best.

Bob’s goal is to visit every state in the US. So far we’ve seen 44. Everywhere we go, we encounter the magnificence of God’s creation. This time it was the fall colors, sculptured cave formations and waterfalls that wowed us. The wonder caught me up, delighting my senses and enrapturing my heart. Each sight infused my soul with a dose of joy.

About a week into the trip I felt my body start to relax. Although we kept a fairly rigorous pace, the complete absence of responsibility gave my psyche a refreshing break. God’s plan for us includes times of rest. An occasional vacation is good medicine for my emotions.

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