Posted by: Kris Lindsey | September 23, 2011

The Real Test

I passed my cholesterol test. Yea! At my previous appointment, my test came back high, so my doctor gave me a lab slip for a follow-up test to be taken in six months. She said at “my age” things can change fast, and wanted to see if my high score was an anomaly or a  trend. I’m relieved that my cholesterol is now back under control.

I’m good at cramming for tests, so during the past six months I made a few healthy changes to my diet to insure success. I read labels, screening foods for cholesterol. I added in foods with “good” cholesterol like almonds and I incorporated vitamins into my schedule for good measure.

But now that the test is done, I see that passing isn’t the ultimate goal—staying in good health is what really matters. So I think I’ll keep up with the changes I made. After all these months they have become habit, so why not?

I notice that I do feel better when I eat nutritious foods. My system runs smoother and I have more energy. I tend to be less achy. I sleep better and feel more positive. Now that I’m exercising again too, I think I’ll take advantage of this health focus and enjoy a double dose of God’s feel-good components.


  1. Way to go, Kris!

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