Posted by: Kris Lindsey | July 28, 2011

Enough is Enough

On Saturday we had company over for a barbecue. In preparation, I took a good look at my house and saw all sorts of things that needed spiffing up. Piles filled every corner, so I set out to sort, file and toss. Of course this took time, which is why they were in the piles to begin with. When I opened closets and drawers to put these items out of sight, all available space was full, bringing to light the need for more tossing and organizing–to be done later.

Each time I completed a task, I saw another area that needed my attention−dust on the blinds and hanging lamps, smudges on door jambs. The chores seemed endless. An unspoken question hovered at the back of my mind. When is it good enough?

I sorted through the papers on my desk. Another solicitation to feed starving children? I just sent them a check last month. How much am I supposed to give? And there sat the lab slip for my cholesterol test. Had I been exercising and eating healthy enough to pass?

A friend called and asked if I had time to go for coffee. I looked around at all that still needed to be done, but friends are important too. Should I be spending more time connecting with family and friends, and more time with my husband?

Next I turned to the clutter of books on the end table. Oh yeah, I forgot to read my Bible this morning. Maybe I’d have my act together if I read and prayed more. But how much more? Would half an hour a day be enough? Forty-five minutes? An hour?

“Enough” seemed like an unquenchable dragon, spewing puffs of dark clouds over my life. No matter what I did, it hissed, “You could do more. You should do more. That’s not good enough. You’re not good enough.”

I sat down, opened my Bible and drank in God’s truth. His words reminded me Jesus came to cover the things we do wrong and the good things we could have done but didn’t. Jesus is enough. With him, we’re good. God’s love isn’t based on our performance. We can rest knowing we’re fully accepted just the way we are.

I lifted my eyes and prayed, “I praise you for being my all in all. You lift my clouds of pressure and guilt, and shine down joy and peace. Thank you for easing my self-imposed stress, and making me feel so welcomed and loved. As I go through my day, please help me sort out all my coulds and shoulds, and make wise choices with my time. Amen.”

Not long after, a catchy song I’d heard on the radio came to mind. I hope it encourages you as much as it did me.

“What if” by Jadon Lavik

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