Posted by: Kris Lindsey | April 1, 2011

From Dark to Light

A dark cloud loomed over my bed this morning as I awoke thinking about a friend’s health problem. Nothing I could do about it. Then I realized I had started my day with negative thoughts. I know what to do. Go to God.

“Dear Jesus, please help my friend. Touch her today with your healing hand. Let her know you’re there, and how much you love her. Guide her in Your plan.”

My heart felt lighter for a few seconds, then another friend’s relationship feud came to mind. My chest tightened as I imagined the possible outcome of her circumstances. Take it to God right now.

“Dear God, you are the God of justice and mercy. Please comfort my friend. Give her peace in her chaos. Please work this situation to good for all concerned. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Before I had the chance to resume a normal breathing pattern, another friend with multiple woes took center stage.

“They try so hard, God, but keep getting bombarded with one thing after another. Please help them, and let me know if there’s something I can do.”

“Give her a call this evening.”

“I will.”

All morning, problem after problem kept entering my mind. Each time, instead of dwelling on it, I deflected the situation up to God. As I did, I felt the clouds lift. My powerful God would be there for them. With Jesus’ help hope shined through.

What started out as depressing thoughts turned into a morning of prayer and fellowship with my Savior. My friends had asked me to pray for them. I felt good about remembering to actually do it. God turned my negative thoughts into positive ones. Doing this did brighten my day.


  1. Love your idea of going to God..yes it is the answer..putting it into Gods hands always works for me.

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