Posted by: Kris Lindsey | November 19, 2010

My Marvelous Fiji Vacation

As we passed through security at the LA airport on our way to Fiji, I spotted two clear plastic discs and a twisted strip of metal under the conveyor belt. I glanced up at Bob and noticed he wasn’t wearing his glasses. Could it be…? Yes! Bob’s glasses had fallen out of the bin and been mangled between the rollers. I scrambled to retrieve the lenses from under the conveyor belt, but when I held the plastic discs up to the twisted strips of metal that had been the frames, none of the shapes remotely matched. My heart plunged into despair. I wanted to show Bob all the spectacular sites my mother and I had seen the year before. How could he possibly see them now?

During the next few hours, God started showing me how my perfectionism puts a damper on my joy. I have a hard time being happy unless everything is just right. And not just with me, but also with those around me. How can I be happy if the people I care about are having troubles?

Now, could I overlook this glasses catastrophe and enjoy my vacation? I prayed for a miracle−only divine intervention could put these Humpty Dumpty glasses back together again. As the plane hummed over the Pacific, I wrestled with God and strained to let go, accept, and enjoy the trip.

In Fiji, we took our sorry handful of glasses parts to a new jeweler in town who was able to fix them. Later that day each lens fell out again, but God enabled me to slip them back into place. They miraculously remained intact the rest of the trip. Yay!

On the boat ride to the resort, God blessed us with new wonders as, to our delight, we saw flying fish soaring above the waves and dolphins arching alongside our vessel. With fresh enthusiasm I bounded into the resort dining room to greet my favorite staff member, John.

A new server greeted me. When I asked if John was there, she hesitatingly told me he’d died unexpectedly the month before.


Tears blurred my vision as reality set in. Over the next few hours I processed the ramifications of John’s life and death. I remembered his hospitality and kindness to me, and his prayers for my salvation and healing when I had the bends. He’d told me his testimony so I knew he was a Christian, and at peace in heaven. I accepted life there without him, and let him go.

The skies had been sunny when we arrived at Namena Island, but that afternoon a storm blew in and remained the entire week we were there. The year before, perfectly calm weather enabled my mother and I to snorkel the reef almost every day. This time the wind-blown waves were so rough we couldn’t do this even once. But God continued to show his grace by giving us four beautiful dives, wowing us with his underwater creation. He showed his love by parting the clouds whenever we dove–casting rays of sunlight into the depths to reveal the vibrant colors.

Bob and I had a romantic, intimate week huddled in our cliff-side cottage, sheltered from the wind. We couldn’t see all the amazing critters from past trips, but God gifted us with new ones. The protected red-footed boobie birds were sitting on their nests, and we got to see one of the first fluffy chicks up close. Wow!

Each day brought new surprises−a garden of giant clams, sightings of blue-spotted stingrays, and a swim with a school of barracuda. We even got to cuddle some adorable, tame flying foxes (yes−they are bats).

There were a few more disappointments. I got sick shortly after our kids joined us, and the accommodations at the last resort were challenging. But God guided me through and helped me make the best of each circumstance.

Jesus showed me it’s normal to have some bad mixed with the good. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect for me to be happy. It’s okay to deal with the problems with God’s help and let them go, then focus on the good gifts God showers on me.

It was a joyous vacation.



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