Posted by: Kris Lindsey | June 17, 2010

The Unexpected Blessing

A few days ago I woke up with the dreaded symptoms of depression. This insidious intruder confronted me at first light with an overwhelming repulsion to face real life, and an equally appealing siren’s call to return to the land of dreams. Indulge, said my dimly lit room, so I escaped back to pleasant wanderings.

Inevitably, I awoke again to a brightly lit room, and the same uncomfortable, paralyzing feeling. I did a quick reality check to access what might be wrong. My recent cold had drained my physical strength. I probably forgot to take my calcium supplements, which help ward off depression. I just completed a major project, and the next one loomed ahead. But this particular tormenting feeling, coupled with some “warm flashes,” signaled hormones as the main culprit.

With major problems ruled out and my enemies identified, I knew what I had to do. If I didn’t fight off this depression quickly, experience said I would be sucked into a miserable existence, and a bigger battle later. So I pulled out my first weapon: giving thanks.

My mind turned to the many loving gifts God has given me. I drank them in by thanking God for the good night’s sleep in my comfy bed, for my hundreds of body parts that could ache but felt fine, and for specific family members and friends who love and support me. The list easily continued, because here in America we have so much. At the thought of each blessing my heart warmed with gratefulness. God loves me so much.

Next I thought ahead to my plans for the day, searching for something to look forward to. Did I have a date scheduled with a girlfriend, daugher or my husband? A Bible study or writers group meeting? Yes I did. This was going to be a happy day, I told myself.

Although I now felt a little better, getting out of bed and tackling the day still seemed impossible. I had no ability or desire to cope with making even the smallest decision. But, I reminded myself, I didn’t have to. I had Jesus to walk with me through my day. I could turn to Him for guidance at every step. In fact, that is what I should do anyway. As I moved into the realization of God’s presence, delighted to submit every detail of my life to Him, feelings of comfort, peace and joy completely filled me. I love dwelling in God’s light, but have such a hard time staying there. What a blessing to wake up depressed and be nudged to live my day the best way, with Jesus at my side.


  1. I like your writing style. Your experience is familiar to me. How you put it into words is poetic.

  2. Kris, since you are aware of the enemy of our souls, you have the perfect antidote–Jesus. Living with Jesus conquers our worst days of depression.

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