Posted by: Kris Lindsey | September 12, 2018

Why New Christians Need a Starter Kit

While discipling new Christians over the last 25 years, I found that many new believers—especially those with little or no church background—feel lost at church. They hear unfamiliar Christianese words being tossed around but are often too embarrassed to ask questions everyone else seems to know. They hear, “Now read your Bible and pray,” but many think the Bible is too hard to understand and are not sure how to pray.

To help them quickly overcome these obstacles and feel comfortable at church, where their faith can grow, I wrote a short book which:

  • Brings new believers up to speed on Bible basics,
  • Removes over 10 barriers that can hold them back,
  • Equips them with easy hands-on tools to help them interact with God right away.

My book is a bridge that helps new Christians move from Decision to Discipleship.

This book can be used:

  • As an easy-to-read book to give to people when they receive Christ, are baptized, or to help any new Christian
  • With a one-on-one mentor
  • As a supplement for a New Believers class

The Never Ending Gifts, A Starter Kit for New Christians is available in paperback and e-book formats.


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